Nikon 5300 – The Modern Technology Camera

Nikon 5300 – The Modern Technology Camera

Social media enthusiast who are crazy about filters and different ways of modifying pictures now have the Nikon 5300 camera. This is a camera that allows you to get the effect that you want in all the pictures. You can compare nikon d5300 vs Nikon d3300 to find out more. The Nikon camera has adopted everything that is required in the modern world of technology and social media.

This is why one of the most important features of this camera apart from the filters is the wifi connectivity that allows you to share pictures with your friends to the social media site. This is still a serious camera putting in mind that it is slightly above the Nikon 3300.

Why love the Nikon 5300?


The WIFI connectivity is one of the most important aspeNikon 5300cts of social media sharing, and the Nikon 5300 does not disappoint. Once you take pictures in the camera, you can easily post them on social media through your tablet and smartphone.

However, it is important that you first download the wireless mobile utility software. This is the software that will link the camera and the tablet or smartphone and make the posting of the pictures easy.


This is one of the few cameras that comes with an inbuilt GPS. You don’t have to record or remember where you took the specific pictures. The camera might not be exact and there might be a discrepancy of few meters, but this is good enough. You can use the concept of geotagging and also use google map to determine the location where each pic was taken.

Quality Nikon 5300 2pictures

The Nikon takes quality pictures and videos with a minimal amount of noise. If you look at the lighting adjustment and the resolution, you will notice that this is one of the best cameras to use.

To take quality pictures, all you need is to learn how to set the right setting and the Nikon 5300 gives you the opportunity to do that.

Light and easy to operate

This camera is not necessary for the entry-level category like the Nikon 3300, but it is easy to operate. To be able to take quality photos, you want to concentrate more on taking quality shots and less on operating the camera. The Nikon menu is easy to understand, and you will quickly find what you are looking for. This is also one of the cameras that are very easy to carry around.